Oil-Gas Table Descriptions

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(data describing E-Logs available in the WVGES Log Library)

Field Name Description Column Type
Overall Range of Logged Intervals (Measured Below The Surface Datum)
Log_Top    Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
Log_Bot    Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
Deepest_FmL Deepest Formation Logged VARCHAR2(20)
Logs_Avail Logs Available* VARCHAR2(14)
Scan Scanned Log Availability** VARCHAR2(1)
Digitized Digitized Log Availability** VARCHAR2(1)
Individual Ranges of Logged Interval By Log Type (Measured Below The Surface Datum)
GR_Top    Gamma Ray Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
GR_Bot    Gamma Ray Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
D_Top    Density Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
D_Bot    Density Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
N_Top    Neutron Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
N_Bot    Neutron Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
I_Top    Induction Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
I_Bot    Induction Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
T_Top    Temperature Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
T_Bot    Temperature Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
S_Top    Sonic Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
S_Bot    Sonic Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
O_Top    Other Top Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
O_Bot    Other Bottom Depth, Feet NUMBER(5)
Inch2 2-Inch Scale Log Availability** VARCHAR2(1)
Inch5 5-Inch Scale Log Availability** VARCHAR2(1)
Reduced Reduced Scale Log Availability** VARCHAR2(1)
KOP Kickoff Point, Feet (if not explicitly stated on the log) is interpreted depth NUMBER(5)
LogMD Log Measured Depth, Feet (if not explicitly stated on the log) is interpreted depth NUMBER(5)
Elev_KB Elevation from Kelly Bushing, Feet NUMBER(4)
Elev_GL Elevation from Ground Level, Feet NUMBER(4)
Elev_DF Elevation from Derrick Floor, Feet NUMBER(4)
Log_Msrd_From Elevation Log Measured From, Feet NUMBER(4)
Comment Comment (may include other types of logs available and other information) VARCHAR2(100)
* G = Gamma Ray
D = Density
N = Neutron
I = Induction
T = Temperature
S = Sonic
C = Caliper
* = Log Other Than Listed Above
** Y = Yes; Item Is Available
N = No; Item Is Not Currently Available

Dividing Line

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