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(one record of reported oil &/or gas production per well, per year - since 1979)

Field Name Description Column Type
Operator Operator Name (Who Reported The Production) VARCHAR2(15)
Prd_Year Production Year NUMBER(4)
Ann_Gas Gas Volume, Thousand Cubic Feet (Total For The Year--Sum Of The Monthly Volumes) NUMBER(7)
Ann_Oil Oil Volume, Barrels (Total For The Year--Sum Of The Monthly Volumes) NUMBER(6)
Gas Volumes, Thousand Cubic Feet
Jan    January NUMBER(6)
Feb    February NUMBER(6)
Mar    March NUMBER(6)
Apr    April NUMBER(6)
May    May NUMBER(6)
Jun    June NUMBER(6)
Jul    July NUMBER(6)
Aug    August NUMBER(6)
Sep    September NUMBER(6)
Oct    October NUMBER(6)
Nov    November NUMBER(6)
Dcm    December NUMBER(6)
Oil Volumes, Barrels
Jan    January NUMBER(5)
Feb    February NUMBER(5)
Mar    March NUMBER(5)
Apr    April NUMBER(5)
May    May NUMBER(5)
Jun    June NUMBER(5)
Jul    July NUMBER(5)
Aug    August NUMBER(5)
Sep    September NUMBER(5)
Oct    October NUMBER(5)
Nov    November NUMBER(5)
Dcm    December NUMBER(5)