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(data describing the WVGES collection of samples and cores)

Field Name Description Column Type
Cuttings Data
   Cuttings--First Interval (Measured From The Surface Datum)
Cut1_Top       Top Depth NUMBER(5)
Cut1_Bot       Bottom Depth NUMBER(5)
   Cuttings--Second Interval (Measured From The Surface Datum)
Cut2_Top       Top Depth NUMBER(5)
Cut2_Bot       Bottom Depth NUMBER(5)
Core Data (Basic)
   Core--First Interval (Depths Measured From The Surface Datum)
Core1_Top       Top Depth NUMBER(5)
Core1_Bot       Bottom Depth NUMBER(5)
Fm1_Top       Top Formation Name VARCHAR2(20)
Fm1_Bot       Bottom Formation Name VARCHAR2(20)
   Core--Second Interval (Depths Measured From The Surface Datum)
Core2_Top       Top Depth NUMBER(5)
Core2_Bot       Bottom Depth NUMBER(5)
Fm2_Top       Top Formation Name VARCHAR2(20)
Fm2_Bot       Bottom Formation Name VARCHAR2(20)
Smpl Sample Studies VARCHAR2(7)
Core Data (Detailed)
   Core--First Interval
Thn_Sec1       Thin Section Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
Scan1       Scan Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
Slab1       Slab Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
Perm1       Permeability Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
   Core--Second Interval
Thn_Sec2       Thin Section Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
Scan2       Scan Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
Slab2       Slab Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
Perm2       Permeability Availability* VARCHAR2(1)
Comment Comment VARCHAR2(20)
* Y = Yes; Item Is Available
N = No; Item Is Not Available Currently