Selected References about Devonian Shales

The following are some geological references regarding Devonian shales in general, containing some information about the Marcellus Shale in particular.
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View an Interactive Map Updated 05/10/2016; Data Current Through 04/29/2016 Download a PDF Updated 05/10/2016; Data Current Through 04/29/2016
Image and link to the Marcellus Shale IMS application
Marcellus Interactive Mapping Application
for West Virginia featuring:
  • Marcellus wells,
  • Marcellus thickness,
  • Marcellus outcrop, and
  • Onondaga Structure

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image of the 8.5 inch by 11 inch PDF map of the West Virginia Marcellus shale
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Please note: Various items within the following section "Presentations, Publications, and Other References" contain maps.

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General Stratigraphic Nomenclature:

Image and link to West Virginia stratigraphic nomenclature


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Data Files:

Significance of the Onondaga Map Layers

Map layers associated with the Marcellus Shale in the interactive mapping system include various Onondaga map layers. This is confusing to many users--i.e., why don't we use maps showing the Marcellus structure? The answer is simple--because we don't yet have those specific map layers for the Marcellus Shale. In order to provide this geological information, we are using map layers created for adjacent stratigraphic units to provide approximately similar information as for the Marcellus.

Structure Map Layers - The Onondaga Limestone and equivalent units underlie the Marcellus Shale. The top of the Onondaga Limestone and equivalents is approximately equal to the base of the Marcellus Shale. So, a map showing the structure on the top of the Onondaga Limestone provides essentially the same information as a structure map on the base of the Marcellus Shale.

Downloadable Files

Download metadata (.htm), spreadsheets (.xlsx), and compressed shapefiles (.zip).

Shapefile Projection: North American Datum 1983, UTM Zone 17 North, Transverse Mercator. A ".prj" file is included in the zip folders.

Data files now include information for bottom holes (Bottom Hole Flag, Bottom Hole Location UTME, Bottom Hole Location UTMN, Bottom Hole Location Longitude, Bottom Hole Location Latitude). In addition, data files for completed wells include 2013 production information (2013 Gas Production Reported, 2013 Oil Production Reported, and 2013 NGL Production Reported).

Marcellus Shale Wells - Completed, Permitted and Cancelled Episodes    File updated on: Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Image of Completed Marcellus Wells
(Sample image showing completed wells of October 2014)
Excel Workbook: WVGES Marcellus Wells.xlsx MS Excel icon  ~4.0 MB
This Excel workbook contains six spreadsheets with various information about wells drilled to (through) the Marcellus Shale (Devonian age) in West Virginia. The data are from the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey's (WVGES) oil and gas well database. Sheets one through four contain a description of the data fields and the completed, permitted, and cancelled well files, respectively. The sheet of completed well data also contains annual gas and/or oil well production data as reported by operators since 2005, in addition to natural gas liquids since 2013. Both horizontal and vertical Marcellus Shale wells are presented in these sheets. Vertical wells contain commingled production if zones in addition to the Marcellus have been completed.

Additional sheets were created showing monthly well production data for gas, oil, and natural gas liquids. Sheets five and six contain a description of the records and the data, respectively. Well locations are provided in longitude/latitude in decimal degrees and also in UTM coordinates (NAD83, UTM Zone 17 north), for users who wish to create their own GIS shapefiles from the data.

This workbook is "nearly-dynamic", with the data sheets updated daily on the WVGES website.

Scanned E-Logs - Deep Wells Updated/Data Current Through 05/10/2016
Image of Scanned E-Logs Download:
Excel Spreadsheet: WVOnondagaAndDeeperLogs_052016.xlsx MS Excel icon  719 KB
The above files contain a list of wells for which WVGES has scanned e-logs and the well penetrated the top of the Onondaga Limestone/equivalent or a deeper formation. The Marcellus may or may not be present/recorded on the log. Note that an unconformity exists between the younger Rhinestreet black shale and the Onondaga Limestone in portions of Cabell, Mason, McDowell, Mingo, and Wayne counties; the Marcellus and other Hamilton Group shales are thought to be missing in these areas (see Schwietering's maps below). The individual scanned TIFF images for these logs are available for free downloading through the interactive map application and at http://downloads.wvgs.wvnet.edu/welllogs/; the associated well data are available on our online "pipeline" data application at http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/oginfo/pipeline/pipeline2.asp.

Marcellus Thickness/Isopach (Line)
formerly referred to as
Hamilton/Selected Shale within the Hamilton
Marcellus Thickness/Isopach (Polygon)
formerly referred to as
Hamilton/Selected Shale within the Hamilton
Image of the WV Marcellus Thickness Lines Download:
Metadata:WVMarcellus_ThicknessLines_11162011.htm  26 KB
Shapefiles:WVMarcellus_ThicknessLines_11162011.zip150 KB
Image of the WV Marcellus thickness Polygons Download:
Metadata:WVMarcellus_ThicknessPolygons_11162011.htm  30 KB
Shapefiles:WVMarcellus_ThicknessPolygons_11162011.zip413 KB
Marcellus Outcrop (Polygon) Onondaga Structure (Line)
Image of WV Marcellus Outcrops Download:
Metadata:WVMarcellus_Outcrop_08262008.htm  25 KB
Shapefiles:WVMarcellus_Outcrop_08262008.zip  71 KB
Image of WV Onondage Structure Contours Download:
Metadata:WVOnondaga_Structure_12132010.htm  23 KB
Shapefiles:WVOnondaga_Structure_12132010.zip504 KB
Onondaga Faults (Line) Onondaga Axes or Folds (Line)
Image of WV Onondaga Faults Download:
Metadata:WVOnondaga_Faults_12132010.htm  21 KB
Shapefiles:WVOnondaga_Faults_12132010.zip  11 KB
Image of WV Onondaga Folds or Axis Download:
Metadata:WVOnondaga_Axes_12072010.htm  19 KB
Shapefiles:WVOnondaga_Axes_12072010.zip  19 KB

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Data Files - West Virginia Horizontal Wells:

West Virginia Horizontal Wells
Image of one of the spreadsheets from the Horizontal Wells Workbook Download:
Excel Workbook: WVGES Horizontal Wells.xlsx MS Excel icon  824 KB
Updated: Tuesday, December 12, 2017  

This Excel workbook contains data on horizontal wells in the WVGES database. The first sheet in the spreadsheet is a description of the data fields contained in the following two sheets: "Completed Horizontal Wells" and "Permitted Horizontal Wells". While most of the records in these files represent horizontal completions or planned horizontal completions in the Marcellus Shale and the Lower Huron shale, more than 17 other formations are also represented here.

The "Operator Name" reflects the operator which drilled the well (or owned the well at time of completion). This may or may not be the same operator who reported production for the wells, as the well may have been sold after it was completed. In the data sheets, zeroes represent values submitted by the operator as zero values, whereas blank (null) fields were not reported/submitted. The spreadsheet data are refreshed weekly to reflect updates added by staff during the week. Latitudinal and longitudinal values as well as UTM coordinates (for NAD 83, UTM zone 17 north) for the surface vertical bore are included in the well data--i.e., you can create GIS files (shapefiles, file geodatabase, KML, etc) from the data.

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Presentations, Publications, and Other References:




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The following are recent and various presentations online:

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