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MAGIC - Mid-Atlantic Geophysical Integrative Collaboration

Information for Potential Volunteers

The Mid-Atlantic Geophysical Integrative Collaboration, via WVGES, is in need of sites for seismic monitoring stations within the state. Here is your opportunity to participate in a scientific endeavor if you have some property in one of the desired locations!

Please note: Persons considering volunteering their property as a site for a MAGIC seismic station to be constructed during the Summer of 2013 should read this information carefully. It discusses the details of the Project.
The West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey (WVGES) is assisting in the solicitation of participants, but is in no way liable for any costs or issues arising from the installation, operation, or removal of individual seismic stations.
Please click on the link below or here for further information from MAGIC.

Information for MAGIC Volunteers

MAGIC - Desired Locations for Seismic Stations in WV

If you are considering to volunteer your property as a site for a MAGIC seismic station (for construction during the Summer of 2013), examine the map shown below. MAGIC Project personnel have selected eight preferred locations within West Virginia and have furnished the geographic coordinates of each location to WVGES. This map shows each of those locations surrounded by a circle with a radius of 10 kilometers. Volunteers are being solicited within each of these areas. The volunteer's property must lie within 10 kilometers (gray) of the center of each area. The selection of individual volunteers to have a seismic station built on their property is strictly under the control of the MAGIC Project as was the determination of preferred locations for seismic stations.

Zoom into where you wish to volunteer property to see if you are in one of the locations. Change the map view to terrain or satellite for better reference. Contact MAGIC if you would like to have a monitoring site!

MAGIC - Contact Information

Persons considering volunteering their property as a site for an MAGIC seismic station and meeting the location criterion presented on the map shown above are urged to contact
Melanie Crampton
at the Technical College of New Jersey.

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