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Earth Science Week


It's Earth Science Week and Friday is Geologic Map Day.


Geologic Mapping in West Virginia

Geological assessment of the area that became West Virginia began in the mid to late 1700s and early 1800s. The first comprehensive geological study was conducted by William Barton Rogers, State Geologist of Virginia, from 1835 to 1841. When the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey was established in 1897, Israel Charles White initiated a program to map the geology of the entire state, county by county, at a scale of one inch equals one mile. From 1906 to 1939 this program provided maps and reports, known as County Geologic Reports, for all of the counties in the state. They are still used today. Scanned copies of the County Geologic Reports are available on the WVGES Publications web page.

WVGES is continuously refining these early 20th-century maps with greater detail and modern base imagery. We are adding data from better-defined coal measures, ongoing subsurface assessments, paleontological studies, oil and gas exploration, and mineral-resource extraction. Check out the status of all of our bedrock mapping.

The WVGES Geosciences Program is presently mapping the state's bedrock geology at a 1:24,000 scale. Currently, this mapping is performed in conjunction with the STATEMAP Program administered by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Details on West Virginia's STATEMAP projects are here. WVGES mapped the bedrock of the Gauley River, New River, and Bluestone River National Park Service (NPS) lands with a grant from NPS. Find out more about Park Service mapping.

basic WV geologic map Simplified WV bedrock geology map
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Earth Science Week breaks down as follows:

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