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Dinosaurs: Triceratops


Triceratops was a large herbivore with a missive three-horned 7-foot long head that lived in the late Cretaceous of western North America. It was up to 30 feet long and 10 feet high at the hip and weighed as much as 12 tons. This replica skull is 6.5 feet long and 5 feet wide. The original skull was found in South Dakota. New studies suggest that the entire head of Triceratops was covered in keratin which is similar to fingernails and bird beaks.

Triceratops, skull (right side) skull (right side)

Triceratops, skull (right side close-up) skull (right side close-up)

Triceratops, skull (front) skull (front)

Triceratops, skull (left side with museum curator in background) skull (left side with museum curator in background)

  Museum Curator: E. Ray Garton: Curator@PrehistoricPlanet.com

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