Changes To Updated Oil and Gas Well Data

Changes in the 01/25/10 Version of the Database Since the Previous Release (03/01/09)

Since the previous release of the database, hundreds of “current” well completions (i.e., new well completions, drill-deepers, workovers, etc.) were added to the database in the OWNERS/COMPLETIONS. PAYS/SHOWS/WATER, and STRATIGRAPHY data tables; these “current” well completions came from weekly batches received from the State regulatory authority from 2004 through April 2006, with a few additional weekly batches from 2006, 2007, and 2008. More than 117,000 records were added or updated. Among the major changes in this version of the database are:

LOCATIONS: Well location records for more than 4,500 wells were added or updated since the previous release of the database.
OWNERS/COMPLETIONS: Several operator codes were updated. More than 7,600 records were added to, or updated in, this table.
PAYS/SHOWS/WATER: More than 7,100 data records were added or updated, mostly for recently completed wells
STRATIGRAPHY: More than 9,300 records were added or edited, many for current well completions.
PRODUCTION: Production data records with 2008 monthly and annual data were added for more than 58,000 wells. Additional review and editing refined some of the production data in the database.
PLUG: More than 230 plugging records were added or updated since the previous release.
MECHANICAL LOG CATALOG: In conjunction with a major effort within the agency to scan e-logs and update their records in the database, all of the 24,057 MLC records were edited and re-written into the database since the previous release of the database. Note that while many of the e-logs have been scanned (in TIFF format), the scanned images themselves are not included in this database release; they are available for free download at http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/www/news/dataslgs.htm. Information about the e-logs in the WVGES log library is included in this database so that users can search and query for available logs meeting user needs. Some additional logs have been digitized (in .las format) and relevant database fields have been updated with that information; most of the digitizing has been done in-house, primarily with Neuralog and occasionally in Petra. Much of this work with the e-logs has been supported by federally-funded research projects, for which we appreciate the support.
WELL SAMPLES AND CORES: Only one new record was added to the WSC table.

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