WVGES Releases Publication Update of Oil and Gas Well Data

May 1, 2018

The West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey (WVGES) is making available for purchase a digital publication of its oil and gas well data on DVD, as a tool to aid in the exploration and development of the Mountain State's oil and gas resources and the understanding of the State's subsurface geology.

Developed over the past 50 years, the Survey's digital database of more than 153,000 completed and permitted oil and gas wells contains data for wells completed in West Virginia since the late 1800’s. The digital database was originally created by WVGES staff primarily to support the research and information programs of the Survey, and secondarily to support information requests from the public. The Survey is releasing the data to help develop a better understanding of the subsurface geology of the State and to encourage a more active pursuit of exploratory and development drilling programs in the State. The database can be used to support industry, government, and public needs for geologic, geographic, and production data for oil and gas wells in the State.

Released as Digital Data Series-5 (publication DDS-5), WVGES Oil and Gas Well Data for West Virginia (Release 2018), these files were designed to be used in a relational database system. The files, however, can be adapted for use in other types of systems or used individually.


The publication contains nine data types. Coded data fields are translated. The data types/tables/files include:

  • well locations (coordinates of the surface of the well in latitude/longitude in decimal degrees, latitude/longitude in miles south of a reference latitude and west of a reference longitude, UTMs; tax district, quadrangle, etc.);
  • bottomhole well locations (coordinates of the bottom/end of a deviated/horizontal well bore in latitude/longitude in decimal degrees, UTMs; and a flag identifying whether the coordinates are "as proposed" or "as drilled");
  • well completion and ownership (spud and completion dates, elevation, total depth, deepest formation, IPs, completion method, farm name and number, operator, etc.);
  • pay, show, and water intervals (depth to top and bottom of interval, formation at top and bottom of interval, datum, etc.);
  • stratigraphy (formation tops and thicknesses, etc.);
  • production reported since 1979 (monthly and annual gas/oil/natural gas liquids, year, operator, etc; NGLs since 2013);
  • plugging (date and depth);
  • e-logs available in the Survey's log library (log types, depths, indication of scanned or digitized files, etc.; scanned and/or digitized log traces are not included in this publication, but are available for download on our website); and
  • well samples and cores available in the Survey's sample and core library (tops and bottoms of intervals, formations, etc.).

Record formats for the data files and a "ReadMe" file are provided in PDF format.

Format Options:

The publication consists of a DVD which contains the same well data in two formats: as ASCII text files and as a generic Microsoft® Access database. Records are keyed on the 10-digit API number, which is used to link data between the files/tables.

ASCII Files: The ASCII files contain "raw" data, with the expectation that the user will import the files into application software, such as a relational database like Microsoft® Access, SQL Server, or Oracle, or similar application. Most of the files will not import in whole into a spreadsheet such as Microsoft® Excel, because the number of records in most of the individual files exceeds Excel's limit of 65,536 records in Excel versions prior to 2007; the production file exceeds Excel's limit of 1,000,000 records in the 2007 version of that program.

The ASCII text files are comma-delimited, with data fields enclosed in double quotes. The ASCII files total nearly 790 MB of data.

Access Database: The same basic well data are also provided in the publication in a generic Microsoft® Access (2010) database format, a relational database, with the data organized into individual tables based on data type. No relationships have been set up in this generic database. The generic Microsoft® Access .mdb file exceeds 1GB in size.


Cost of the publication is $1,000 plus shipping and handling. Shipping normally is via first class U.S. mail; shipment via other means is available for an additional charge. Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) are accepted.


Annual updates to the electronic publication are planned and are available at $100 plus shipping and handling.

To Order:

To order the publication, contact Ken Ashton at (304) 594-2331.

Further Information:

Contact Phil Dinterman or Mary Behling at (304) 594-2331.

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