Oil and Gas Well Data

Availability of Oil and Gas Well Data Via "pipeline"

The Survey's "pipeline" system provides public access, through a Web browser, to oil and gas well data for more than 134,000 oil and gas wells. The data are keyed on the well's API number, which consists of the state code, county code, and permit number for the well. Data contained within tables include: locations; completions; farm name and operator; pays and shows of hydrocarbons; water; formation tops and thicknesses; monthly and annual production of gas and/or oil, generally since 1979; plugging; data about mechanical logs on file in the Survey's log library as well as access to selected scanned well log images; and data about well samples and cores in the Survey's core library. UTM and latitude/longitude coordinates for wells are provided in NAD83 datum. Users of the "pipeline" system select the county from a menu, enter the permit number, and select the desired data type(s). The data are then displayed on the user's computer screen. At this point in time, "pipeline" provides data for one well at a time and cannot be searched by any data fields other than county and permit number.

For more information, contact Mary Behling (behling@geosrv.wvnet.edu) or Jennifer Luczko (jluczko@geosrv.wvnet.edu); phone: (304) 594-2331.

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