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The Well Header Data Search application allows the user to query oil and gas header records in our system by play and other parameters through the given fields on the form.  Once the user enters their selection criteria and hits the search button, the matching header records are then returned.   When performing a query on multiple fields, it is treated with an "and" operator in the search.  This means that criteria entered in all fields must be met.  The default value for each search field is set to null which will return all records.  However, you must select a "Play" and enter/select at least one other condition for the application to run.  If errors are made in your selection, error messages will appear in red to help you fix the problem.  The form is made up of 4 types of searches:  numeric searches(Num), character searches(Char), pull-downs and checkboxes.  Below is a snapshot of the Oil and Gas Well Header Data search form.


A description and requirements for each search field follows.
  • Play:  Pull Down - A selection is REQUIRED.  This searches for wells that penetrate selected play.
  • State:  State:  Pull Down - select one if desired
  • County:  Pull Down  - select one if desired
  • 7.5 Minute Quad:  Pull Down - select one if desired
  • Type of Log: Pull Down - select one if desired 
  • Log Bottom (ft) >=:  4 or 5 digit Num between 1000 and 15000
  • has Scanned Log(s):  Checkbox - checked (Yes), unchecked(No/Null)
  • has Digitized Log(s):  Checkbox - checked (Yes), unchecked(No/Null)
  • has Sample Desc Scan:  Checkbox - checked (Yes), unchecked(No/Null)
  • has Slabbed Core Photo(s):  Checkbox - checked (Yes), unchecked(No/Null)
  • API #:  10 Digit Num between 3700100001 and 4710999999, looks for an exact match 
  • Total Depth (ft) >=:  4 or 5 digit Num between 1000 and 15000
  • Completion Year =:  4 digit Num between 1850 and 2010, looks for an exact match
  • Operator (contains): contains Char search, minimum 3 characters if searching
  • Farm Name (contains):  contains Char search, minimum 3 characters if searching
  • Field Name (contains):  contains Char search, minimum 3 characters if searching
  • Deepest Formation (contains):  contains character search, minimum 3 characters if searching
  • Well Type:  Pull Down  - select one if desired

An example of a search would be if you wanted to see all wells that penetrate the Venango play in Gilmer County (WV), have a Gamma Ray log, a total depth greater than or equal to 5000 feet, and with a farm name containing "Smith".  You would enter the search criteria and the form should look similar to the following display.  Please note you have the option to change the number of records returned per page within the form by changing the selection in the "Results/Page" pull-down.  You also have several sorting options available in the "Order By" pull-down.

You would then hit the search button and the application would return the resulting records similar to below.

The resulting data is all header records for each well that met your search criteria.  It shows which plays the well has penetrated.  The system will also provide a link to the E-File viewer for access to scanned logs and other related E-Files.  For West Virginia wells, the system also provides a link to their "Pipeline" system for more complete well info.  You are also given the option to download the results into Excel.  To do so, just hit the button.  Note that Excel must be installed on the client machine.  Paging results are also given in the results.  To jump to different pages, just select the page number at the top of the grid.  Sometimes you may see more than one record for one particular well.  This is due to mulitple episodes of the well, for instance if the well is worked over or deepened.