Interactive Map Help and Tips

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What do you think about the new maps? Do you have something that you'd like to see work better or be removed? What do you like the best?

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If you encounter a problem, please let us know what web browser you are using (e.g. "Internet Explorer 9.0", "Firefox 23.0") and what operating system you are using (e.g., "Windows 7"). Also, we already have some changes in mind for the maps. Please check out the General Information section below to see what is already planned for "version 2"!


Panning: Like with Google Maps, click on the map and while still pressing down on the mouse, move in the direction you want to go. The cursor may change to a cross with arrows to show that you are in panning mode.

Zooming: You have a few options for zooming in and out of a map.

Get Information from a Feature

You can get information from a feature by just clicking on it! Please note a couple of things though. In the Layer/Legend, make sure to turn on your feature of interest by clicking in the leftmost square in front of the feature name, thereby placing a check mark in the box. Then on the map, zoom into the area of interest first and then click on a feature-- that way, you will reduce the time it takes to retrieve data. A spinning clock-like circle will appear in the middle of the map to indicate "something is processing". Like with our old maps, you'll need to allow pop-ups from since the information will "pop up" on the map.

Information particularly for the Coal Bed Maps:

Change A Basemap

Several base or background maps are provided and you can change them! By default, a simple gray basemap is loaded so you can readily see the features/layers. Once you zoom in, you may wish to change the basemap to "Imagery with Labels" or "Streets". To change a basemap, in the left panel, go to the "Tools" tab and then to "Switch Basemap" and click on one of the ones shown. That's all!

Adjust a Feature-Set Transparency

You can now set the transparency for a feature-set! For instance, say that you've switched to a basemap with imagery but you can't see rivers, valleys, buildings, et cetera. Find the slider bar under the feature-set in the Layer/Legend and move the adjuster (it looks like a little "home base") to reduce or increase that feature-set's opacity.


The new interactive mapping technology allows for better map capture and easier printing. In the left panel, click on the "Tools" tab and select "Print". You can either click on the "Print" button that you see or you can click on the drop-down arrow to see selections for size and layout of the map, or if you just want the "raw" map only. The map extent that you are viewing will print in a PDF that you can save. Once the button is clicked, it will change to a light gray with the words "Printing". Give it a few seconds. It should load in your default PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Reader).

Adjust the Panes

If you want to see more of the map and less of the left pane, click on the border between the map and the left pane and drag it to the left to expand the map pane. Do the opposite to see more of the left pane.

General Information

This newest mapping endeavor by WVGES represents "version 1" of a change-over from the previous ArcIMS maps to the new WMS/WFS "REST" maps provided by ArcGIS for Server. The following are changes considered for "version 2", especially for the coal bed maps for the Coal Bed Mapping Project: