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Publication Id: RI-36  
Publication Type: Reports of Investigation
Title: Estimates of Natural Gas Resources and Recovery Efficiency Associated with Marcellus Development in West Virginia
Author: Pool, S. E.
Other Author(s): Boswell, R. M., Saucer, J. T., Carney, B. J.
Year: 2021
Map Scale:
Map Size: 8.5" x 11"
Pages: 58
Figures: 36
Maps: 24
Tables: 2
Content: Report, Maps, Tables
Counties: All
 Description: RI-36 is a peer-reviewed study in which more than 270 digital well log suites were evaluated to estimate original gas-in-place (OGIP) for the Devonian Marcellus organic-rich shale play in West Virginia. Observed and predicted Marcellus production are taken into account and in-place estimates are calibrated accordingly. The study also examines the Geneseo-Burket and introduces the idea of a Marcellus Reservoir Unit and a separate Geneseo-Burket Reservoir Unit. Marcellus OGIP volumes are higher than those in other recent studies but are reasonable given production and calculated recovery efficiencies.
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