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Explanation of Coal Bed Mapping Project GIS Coverages


The following map layers are available for you to select and display on the Interactive Map, and create your own custom Coal Bed Maps. Also, using the tools provided you can identify, find, and query features of the map layers marked with an * . To do this, the layer must be chosen as the "Active Layer" of the map in the Layers List.

DISCLAIMER: The data represented on the CBMP GIS website is not a complete documentation of all historic mining. WVGES is only able to display the data it has received. Every effort is made by the agency to collect, compile and serve mined area polygons and associated mine maps but known gaps in our data exist. Updates to the data set occur as new data becomes available. If you are in possession of mine maps, drilling information or other data that would improve this site please contact Jim Britton

Other coverages available to the user in the interactive maps include:

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