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Martinsburg Wells

The following is a .zip file. File type (in bold), default file names (in italics), and file sizes are given. The disclaimer shown below pertains to any and all data downloaded from the WVGES Web site.

ESRI Shapefile Format**
Datum: NAD 1927 (NAD 27), Projection: UTM, Zone: 17, Units: meters (after importing .shp files, the data units may need to be defined using View Properties within ESRI software)

          downloadable .zip file, mrbg_shp.ZIP:  1,918 KB

        Completed Martinsburg (Ordovician) and Deeper Wells in West Virginia (total of 41 wells)
                                  mrbg_p99.dbf:     44 KB,
                                  mrbg_p99.prj:      1 KB,
                                  mrbg_p99.sbn:      1 KB,
                                  mrbg_p99.sbx:      1 KB,
                                  mrbg_p99.shp:      2 KB, and
                                  mrbg_p99.shx:      1 KB

        Outlines of West Virginia Counties
                                  counties.dbf:       18 KB,
                                  counties.prj:        1 KB,
                                  counties.sbn:        1 KB,
                                  counties.sbx:        1 KB,
                                  counties.shp:    2,466 KB, and
                                  counties.shx:        1 KB,

        15-Minute Quadrangle Tic Marks for West Virginia
                                      tics.dbf:        9 KB,
                                      tics.prj:        1 KB,
                                      tics.sbn:        2 KB,
                                      tics.sbx:        1 KB,
                                      tics.shp:        4 KB, and
                                      tics.shx:        2 KB

* Please note that at this time, distribution of geospatial data from the WVGES Web site does not meet Federal Geographic Data Committee standards.

** ESRI shapefiles can be used readily in various ESRI products including ArcView and ArcExplorer. ArcView is a desktop mapping and GIS software package. ArcExplorer is a GIS data viewer that is available free of charge from the ESRI Web site. Detailed documentation about ArcExplorer is available from ESRI as well.

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The West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey (WVGES) makes basic data available to the public from its computerized databases on mineral resources under the following conditions:

1. We believe the data in the WVGES computer databases to have been generated and assembled with a high degree of professionalism, accuracy, and precision for the purposes for which they were originally intended. In this context, "data" refer to numerical and textual data (such as in the "pipeline" application), digitial data (such as .las files), digital images (such as digital photographs), scanned records (such as completion reports), and spatial data (such as shapefiles). Some data have been compiled from other sources and the WVGES accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in those data. Therefore, we cannot and do not, either implicitly or explicitly, guarantee the accuracy, precision, or completeness of the data.

2. Neither the WVGES nor its staff members are liable or responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the use of the databases or from inaccuracies contained in the databases.

3. These data are provided as a service to the State of West Virginia through the WVGES for the purpose of research and development efforts. Final use of these data is the sole responsibility of the user.

4. We encourage you to report any problems, inconsistencies, or errors noted in using these data to the Computing Services Program, so that we can correct them and provide even better service.

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