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Visiting Geologist Program at West Virginia State Parks

Schedule for 2024   

State Park/Forest Telephone Number
or below
Watoga State Park 304-799-4087 June 7 - 8
Blackwater Falls State Park 304-259-5216 July 17 - 18
Canaan Valley Resort State Park 304-866-4121 July 25 - 26
Cacapon Resort State Park 304-258-1022 July 26- 27
* Times are tentative or approximate. Please contact the park directly for details regarding the talk and walk, including meeting times and locations.

rocks and hiker Don't miss the opportunity to hear the story of how the state's mountains and rocks formed and their importance to our economy. Throughout the year, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey staff work with the Division of Natural Resources Parks and Recreation Section to hold the Visiting Geologist Program at certain state parks. Survey staff present an easy-to-understand geologic slide show in the evening and then lead a relaxed-pace geologic walk the next morning.

The lively and informative evening slide show focuses on how the land we now know as West Virginia originally formed. Photographs taken from around the state illustrate the importance of West Virginia's hundreds of millions of years of geologic history to our present mineral wealth, economy, breathtaking scenery, and the geology of the particular park.

The presentation answers questions such as: How did the mountains form? Can dinosaur remains be found in West Virginia? Can I find gold here? Did glaciers ever cover the state?

On display before and after the talk are maps, geologic articles, and books about the park along with general information about West Virginia's rocks and fossils. Our free publication sales catalog is also available at those times, and questions about West Virginia's geology, including rock and fossil identification, are encouraged.

Take a closer look at the area's rocks, fossils, and terrain the next morning on a guided geologic walk. In one or two hours, the visiting geologist discusses how the geologic history can be deciphered from the clues the rocks themselves reveal. Although rocks in the parks cannot be collected, when armed with the information gained from the visit, participants can create their own rock collections at home and have a better understanding of the area's geologic history.

Please check back here for the any updates to the Visiting Geologist schedule, and as always, it is recommended that you call the state park for specifics regarding meeting places and times for the geologist's visits.

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