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Download zipped well log files (LAS and TIFF): (28 MB)
TBR LAS files. (384 MB)
TBR TIFF image files.

Also download these related zipped files: (15.2 MB)
TBR logs used to create project stratigraphic cross sections.
18 PDF files. (61.8 MB)
Various core descriptions (PDFs) for 10 selected TBR project wells.

Note: All logs may not be available for the entire interval specified. All data are of project date ending March 30, 2006.

Log ASCII Standard (LAS) and Log Image Files (TIFFs) for selected Trenton - Black River Wells

Once you made your selection on the left, to obtain log of interest, click on the appropriate link under "File Name" when displayed.

The ASCII log (LAS) file should display in your text editor. You may have to chose one such as Notepad®, Wordpad® or MS Word®. Due to size limitations, Notepad may not be adequate for most LAS files.

For log images (TIFFs), you may need to use an image viewer as provided by Microsoft, Apple or Linux. Other free image viewers can be found here.

To save a file, you can do so by either of the following means:

  • If the file is opened in an editor/viewer, go to "File" on the menu and then "Save As".
  • From the desired link itself -- by right clicking with your mouse on the link and choosing "Save Link Target As".

Data files are the result of the Project which ended in October, 2006. They will not be updated here.

* Some Abbreviations Used for Logs
(These and other mnemonics can be found by searching here.)
BD = bulk density
DT = delta t (sonic)
GR = gamma ray
LLD = deep laterlog
N = neutron
VSH = velocity shale

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