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Project Data Files

Below are the GIS "shapefiles" used in the creation of our maps. However, please note that projections for our interactive maps are in Mercator WGS84 while printed or PDF maps use NAD83 Zone 17N.

2009 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles
for West Virginia (Link)

Provided in GCS NAD83
Data File Source File Size
Block (Census 2000)
tl_2009_54_bg00.zip 149 MB
County and Equivalent (Current)
tl_2009_54_county.zip 2.45 MB
Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Area
tl_2009_54_cbsa.zip 936 KB
State and Equivalent (Current)
tl_2009_54_state.zip 628 KB
All Edges (Lines)1
"All Edges (Lines)" was merged from individual 2009 TIGER county files.
tl_2009_54_All_Edges_Merge 165 MB
Expands to 539 MB
All Roads1
"All Roads" set contains just road lines--extracted from "All Lines".
tl_2009_54_All_Roads 92.1 MB
Expands to 316 MB
All Roads with Address Table1
"All Roads" file (above) but with the Address Table added.
tl_2009_54_All_Roads_w_Addr 94.5 MB
Expands to 378 MB

1 These files were created by WVGES for use with WVBMP. They consist of merged 2009 TIGER shapefiles from 55 WV counties.

2003 SAMB Shapefiles from the West Virginia GIS Technical Center (Link)

Provided in UTM NAD83 Zone 17 North

Data File Source File Size (Unzipped) Scale
Building Polygons
Building Polygons   1:4,800
Imagery - Aerial 2-ft Color Orthophotos
Orthophotos   varied


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