WVGES Trace Elements in West Virginia Coals

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Strontium is a trace element of moderate abundance in West Virginia coals with no environmental effects.

Geologic Distribution: Strontium in coal occurs primarily in the mineral goyazite (hydrated strontium-aluminum phosphate), a mineral in the crandallite group 1,2.  Strontium may also occur within calcite in coal 3.  Strontium averaged 91.68 ppm on a whole coal basis in West Virginia coals.  Strontium did not correlate with ash yield, total sulfur, pyritic sulfur or any other trace elements, and display apparent random trends in stratigraphic and geographic distribution.

Economic Impact: Strontium in coal has little economic impact.  Most Sr is used to produce glass for color television tubes 3. Strontium salts  impart crimson colors to fireworks and flares 4.  The isotope Sr90 is important in the production of light-weight, long-lived, nuclear electric power for spacecraft 3.

Environmental Impact: Strontium in coal has no detrimental environmental effects during mining and use 3.

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