Geoscience Education in the Mountain State:
RockCamp II

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RockCamp graduates are invited to become "RockCamp II Earth Science Outreach and Resource Specialists." Acceptance into RockCamp II requires a commitment RockCamp participants in the field to planning, organizing, and conducting a workshop and one-day local field trip for fellow teachers. These "teachers sharing with teachers" experiences provide interactive forums fostering ideas which enhance the science education of each classroom student by facilitating dissemination of RockCamp activities and materials. In 1994 and 1995, 27 RockCamp II Specialists organized and conducted 36 workshops (each workshop being six contact hours) and planned and led 57 day-long field trips for colleagues.

For more information, contact Tom Repine, WVGES Education Specialist (repine@geosrv.wvnet.edu)

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