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History1,2: Second oldest county in West Virginia. Created in 1772 from the northern third of Frederick County, Virginia, and named for Norborne Berkeley (Baron de Botetourt), Colonial Governor of Virginia from 1768 to 1770.
Area (square miles)1: 324.78
County Seat1: Martinsburg
Population (2000)1: 75,905
Leading Industries and Chief Agricultural Products1: clothing, cement and road materials, General Motors, Dupont, World Kitchens, W. Va. Air National Guard, Verizon, Guardian Fiberglass, Quad Graphics, Sino Swearingen Tiger Aircraft, S. Schwab Company's Ralph Lauren Children's Wear Distribution facility, Parcel Direct, Orgill, Inc., Ecolab, fruit, vegetables, hay and grain, dairying, livestock, poultry
Public Recreation Areas3: Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area, Widmeyer Wildlife Management Area

Coal Facts and Figures4

   Coal Reserve Summary
      Original Mineable Reserves = 0 tons
      Reported Production, 1883-1995 = 246 tons
      Estimated Loss = 246 tons
      Estimated Recoverable Reserves = 0 tons

   Coal Production, 1995
      Total Production = 0 tons
      Number of Underground Mines = 0
      Number of Surface Mines = 0

Gas and Oil Facts and Figures5

   Gas Production, 1995
      Total Reported Production = 0 thousand cubic feet (Mcf)
      Well Count = 0
      Average Production = 0 Mcf

   Oil Production, 1995
      Total Reported Production = 0 barrels (bbl)
      Well Count = 0
      Average Production = 0 bbl

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5 Information Source = West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WVDEP); data have undergone a quality check by the WVGES

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