West Virginia Mineral Industries - Sandstone

Dividing Line

Each year West Virginia quarries produce between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 tons of sandstone. Over half of this material is produced from Pennsylvanian-age products from sandstone units in the central part of the State by about 40 quarries for use as a construction aggregate. The remainder is a high-purity silica material quarried from the Oriskany Sandstone by a single producer in the eastern panhandle. This high-purity silica material is suitable for a wide variety of purposes including many types of glass, stoneware, abrasives, and other materials.

West Virginia's eastern panhandle has significant sandstone deposits that have the potential of yielding high-purity silica materials. In addition, diligent exploration could reveal additional high-quality aggregate sources in the central and western parts of the State where limestone is frequently trucked in from long distances to meet local demand.

(adapted from a compilation by Hobart M. King and Claudette M. Simard, updated September 1996)

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