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   According to the American Geosciences Institute (Glossary of Geology, 2011):
  • Thermal Spring: A spring whose water temperature is appreciably higher than the local mean annual atmospheric temperature. A thermal spring may be a hot spring or warm spring.

  • Hot Spring: A thermal spring whose temperature is above that of the human body.

  • Warm Spring: A thermal spring whose temperature is appreciably above the local mean annual atmospheric temperature, but below that of the human body.

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Research Basics:

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♦ Data and Maps



The following maps represent interpretations of best available data made by professionals. As in all research work, professional interpretations may vary, and can change with advancements in both technology and data quality. Furthermore as is the case with all maps, they are simplifications and models of actual conditions. The maps are offered as a service; proper use of the information herein is the sole responsibility of the user.

 Note: For resource maps, please consider not only the resource but the depth as well.
West Virginia Geothermal Interactive Map

West Virginia Geothermal Interactive Map, West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey (WVGES)
temperature at depth maps For more than 40 years, Southern Methodist University (SMU) has conducted geothermal research. Links to some of their maps are given below. For additional data or information, please visit the SMU Geothermal Lab.

Temperature-at-Depth Map Series, Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Temperature Maps
Heat Flow Map of the United States

Geothermal Map of North America, Southern Methodist University (SMU)
Overview, Heat Flow Map
Geothermal Resource of the United States Geothermal Maps, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Overview, Geothermal Resource Map

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♦ Publications and Publication Databases

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♦ General Resources

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE):


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