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West Virginia Geothermal Interactive Map West Virginia Geothermal Interactive Map, West Virginia Geological & Economic Survey NEW!
index image of heat flow images of geothermal presence at 4 depths
Click on one of the maps above for larger view.
The first image is an index map of heat flow (mW/m2), well locations, springs, and structural features. The second image is a set of maps showing temperature-at-depth for West Virginia. Red points represents locations of actual drilled temperature, the triangle is the deepest well in the dataset.

Source: Elevated Crustal Temperatures in West Virginia: Potential for Geothermal Power
David Blackwell, Zachary Frone, and Maria Richards, Huffington Department of Earth Sciences Geothermal Laboratory, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas
Geothermal Resource of the United States Resource potential and geothermal map of the United States, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
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♦ West Virginia Projects

National Geothermal Data System icon The NGDS is a distributed network of databases from 46 states including West Virginia that are collectively building a system for acquisition, management and maintenance of geothermal and related data. WVGES is involved in this American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project that is led by the Arizona State Geological Survey.
West Virginia University WVU engineering professor receives $1.2 million for geothermal energy research
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