Questions and Answers Pertaining to Project Information

Will the data be updated?

How do we cite materials found here? Are abstracts available?

How do I get data for the project?

  • There are several ways to get data from the project:
    • The Download Section ( provides access to:
      • PDFs of the Playbook in its entirety or as individual chapters
      • Powerpoint presentations from the 7/15/2015 workshop and some ancillary files
      • Spacial files (e.g., Shapefiles) used in the interactive map
      • REST and WMS mapping services
      • The Petra® Utica Play File
      • Well header data and mapping (tops) spreadsheets
    • The Data Section ( gives access to files mainly associated with individual wells or a file category, such as but not limited to:
      • Core photos
      • Production data
      • Ro Histograms
      • Tight Rock Analysis (TRA)
      • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
      • A complete list of file categories that can be associated with a well can be found here:
      • You also have an option of exporting an Excel spreadsheet of your search results, including hyperlinks to documents.

Can I get “bulk data” used in the Project, such as all of the digital logs?

  • Yes, WVGES offers DVD copies, for purchase, of the Project well log database. To purchase well log DVDs, please call 304-594-2331 and ask for Publication Sales or email Individual well logs will still be available for download (via the search application on the Data Page ) at no cost to users.
  • For customers wishing to purchase a well log DVD, pricing is as follows:
    • Digital OR Scanned Log Database: $50 (plus shipping and handling)
    • Digital AND Scanned Log Databases: $100 (plus shipping and handling)
  • Please Contact for questions about other data.