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Entire Play Book

Play Book by Sections


  • Appendix 2-A. pdf icon Utica production data (PDF, 470 KB; 39 pages)
  • Appendix 3-A. pdf icon Utica and equivalent outcrop descriptions by state (PDF, 19.7 MB; 66 pages)
  • Appendix 5-A. pdf icon Spectral gamma-ray logging data correlations (PDF, 77.0 MB; 131 pages)
  • Appendix 6-A. pdf icon Diffraction Data and Graphs (PDF, 14.9 MB; 27 pages)
  • Appendix 6-B. pdf icon Petrographic analysis of Pennsylvania wells to corroborate mineralogy interpretations (PDF, 1.24 MB; 8 pages)
  • Appendix 6-C. pdf icon Scanning electron microscopy – Energy-dispersive data prepared by John Barnes of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey (PDF, 17.0 MB; 28 pages)
  • Appendix 7-A. pdf icon Organic maceral photomicrographs (PDF, 947 KB; 11 pages
  • Appendix 7-B. pdf icon Cooney (2013) undergraduate thesis (PDF, 3.41 MB; 95 pages)
  • Appendix 7-C. pdf icon Bitumen reflectance reports for Pennsylvania samples (PDF, 4.38 MB; 171 pages)
  • Appendix 7-D. pdf icon Bitumen reflectance to vitrinite reflectance equivalent values (PDF, 305 KB; 7 pages)
  • Appendix 8-A. pdf icon SEM imaging prepared by John Barnes of the Pennsylvania Geological Survey (PDF, 3.61 MB; 19 pages)
  • Appendix 8-B. pdf icon SEM Imaging Prepared by Juergen Schieber of Indiana University (PDF, 9.59 MB; 50 pages)
  • Appendix 8-C. pdf icon Lost River core charts (PDF, 47.8 MB; 10 pages)
  • Appendix 8-D. pdf icon CT scans for the Fred Barth No. 3 core (PDF, 3.50 MB; 10 pages)
  • Appendix 8-E. pdf icon Fred Barth No. 3 core report (PDF, 7.48 MB; 188 pages)
  • Appendix 9-A. pdf icon Oil, Wet Gas, Gas Assessment Units (PDF, 298.67 KB; 3 pages)

Download the Presentations

Download Project Presentations — Microsoft Powerpoint (PPTX) format. Presentations augment the Final Report and may have further information than what is found in the Final Report. (ed., Updated presentations, 7/17/2015)

Presentations 7/14/2015

Movie files from presentations:

Download Project Shapefiles

The shapefiles used to create the interactive map are zipped and are in "web mercator" projection. They are listed in the order as found on the interactive map. Data are as of October 2014

(1a) Wells with Supplemental Available Data (via links on the interactive map)

(1b) Wells with Formation Tops

(2) Cross Sections

(3) Maps

(4) Play Area

Download the Petra® Utica Play File

The datum/projection/units for the Utica Shale Play Petra project are:
North American Datum 1983 (NAD83),
projected to Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zone 17N,
with surface X/Y coordinates in meters.

The Petra® file includes (but is not limited to):

  • Basic well header information
  • Location data
  • Formation tops (for 1 or more of the following: Upper Ordovician, Kope, Utica,
    Point Pleasant, Trenton, Logana, Curdsville, Black River)
  • Digital geophysical logs
  • Zone and interval data such as TOC and isopach values

The number of wells or primary sample points included for each state/province are:

Involved in Study
  • Kentucky, 426
  • New York, 222
  • Ohio, 269
  • Pennsylvania, 132
  • West Virginia, 29
  • Indiana, 38
  • Michigan, 3
  • Tennessee, 1
  • Virginia, 1
  • Ontario, 4

Petra® File for Utica Shale Play (Zipped PPF file, 137 MB, expands to 577 MB)


Supplemental Petra Grid File of Structure Contours and Isopachs

The Petra® grid file includes:
  • Kope structure contour and isopach
  • Utica structure contour and isopach
  • Point Pleasant structure contour and isopach
  • Trenton structure contour and isopach
  • Upper Trenton isopach
  • Logana structure contour and isopach
  • Curdsville structure contour and isopach
  • Black River structure contour
Note: Structure contours display elevations in feet relative to mean sea level.

Supplemental Petra® File for Utica Shale Play Structure Contours and Isopachs
(Zipped PPF file, 2.74 MB, expands to 12.0 MB)

Download the Well Files

Well header files are provided via a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Data as of 10/21/2014

Download all header data for wells with documents/files

New! 7/30/15 Also, download a stratigraphic tops file for wells. This file is an ASCII/text document, space-delimited (TXT file, 327 KB).

Utica Project Mapping Tops