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Publication Id: CGR-24  
Publication Type: County Geologic Reports and Maps
Title: Preston County
Author: R. V. Hennen
Other Author(s): D. B. Reger, W. A. Price
Year: 1914
Map Scale: 1:62,500
Map Size: 36" x 46", 36" x 48", 29" x 40"
Pages: 566
Plates: 43
Figures: 10
Maps: 3
Counties: Preston
 Description: This report describes the geology, physiography, and history of the area, and contains where applicable, measured sections, coal analyses, oil-and-gas well records, data on clays, road materials, building stone, water power, forests, soils, and paleontology. This report is accompanied by the following maps: Map I: Preston County Topography Map, 1914 (36" x 46"); Map II: Preston County General and Economic Geology Map, 1914 (36" x 48"); Map III: Preston County Soil Map, 1912 (29" x 40").
Notes: Original County Geologic Reports are out-of-print. All Reports are available scanned in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format on CD-ROM, or as printed bound photocopies. All maps are available as scanned images on CD-ROM in .tif format, or as full-size, plotted color copies that can be printed on request.
Price Information:
Price Notes Availability Deliverable Media Version Color
$20.00 Printed color map, per map sheet Y rolled maps Paper Scanned Color
$20.00 Set of Maps on CD, No Report Y CD/DVD Digital Scanned Color
$35.00 Report and Maps on CD Y CD/DVD Digital Scanned Color
$40.00 Printed bound photocopies Y Book Paper Scanned Color