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Publication Id: DDS-10  
Publication Type: Digital Data Series
Title: Digital Compilation of the 1:24,000 Scale Bedrock Geologic Map of the West Virginia Portion of the Front Royal 1:100,000 Sheet, West Virginia
Author: WVGES
Other Author(s): S. L. Dean, B. R. Kulander, and P. Lessing
Year: 2024
Map Scale: 1:24,000
Map Size:
Maps: 1
Content: GIS DATA for a block of 6 7.5-minute quadrangles
Counties: Hardy
 Description: Digital compilation of 3 Map and Open File Geologic publications originally published 1985 - 1992, into one internally edgematched geodatabase for GIS. Digitized map layers include geologic contacts and faults, geologic polygons, fold axis lines, strike and dip (bedding) points, and any other relevant layers as needed.
Notes: See individual publication records below for more information about each quadrangle:
References: MAP-WV26, MAP-WV37, OF-9201
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