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Publication Type: Field Trip Guides
Title: What the H!? Paleozoic Stratigraphy Exposed, Pre-Meeting Field Trip Guide for the 46th Annual Meeting, Eastern Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (ESAAPG), Morgantown, West Virginia, September 24 and 25, 2017
Author: Paula J. Hunt
Other Author(s): R.R. McDowell, B.M. Blake, Jr., J. Toro, and P.A. Dinterman
Year: 2017
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Pages: 99
Figures: 73
Counties: Monongalia, Preston, Mineral, Hampshire, Grant, Hardy, Tucker, Pendleton
 Description: Regional Stratigraphy and Structure in the Central Appalachians from the Ordovician to the Pennsylvanian as seen in new outcrops along US 48 (“Corridor H”) and other locations. West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, Field Trip Guide describes 10 locations visited over the 2-day trip, as well as overviews of regional structure, stratigraphy, and economic resources. Bibliography, color maps, photographs.
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