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Publication Id: RI-34  
Publication Type: Reports of Investigation
Title: Stratigraphic Geochemical Database for Portions of Pendleton County, West Virginia, and Adjacent Virginia Counties
Author: R.R. McDowell (compiler)
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Year: 2008
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 Description: Revised July 2021 with periodic updates. Results of geochemical analyses of bedrock, soil, and stream sediment samples collected during geologic mapping in the eastern portion of West Virginia, and in some adjacent areas of Virginia. Data is in “raw” form and separated by stratigraphic unit (for bedrock) or sample type (for soil or stream sediment). Presented for individual samples are sample number, collection date, lithologic description, stratigraphic unit, UTM location, and analytical values for 49 elements including precious metals, ferrous and nonferrous metals, trace elements and rare earths, and radionuclides. Stratigraphic units covered range from Pre-Cambrian through Pennsylvanian and also Jurassic and Eocene igneous rocks found in the area. Supplement added in 2018, now with 63 elements analyzed (including all the Rare Earth Elements), using different analytical techniques.
Notes: Available in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet format and ESRI ArcGIS®-format shapefiles that can be used in a GIS, on CD-ROM (includes spreadsheet).
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$35.00 Data in Spreadsheet Only Y CD/DVD Digital Original Black & White
$95.00 ESRI ArcGIS®-format shapefiles AND Data Y GIS Digital Original Color