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Publication Id: SP-6A  
Publication Type: State Park Bulletins
Title: The Geology of Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley Resort State Parks
Author: K. C. Ashton
Other Author(s): L. Stocks
Year: 2008
Map Scale:
Map Size: 11" x 17"
Pages: 36
Maps: 2
 Description: Fully revised, highly illustrated, user-friendly overview of West Virginia geology specific to the parks. 5½” x 8½” booklet with 2 maps on one double-sided 11” x 17” folded insert.
Notes: (Also see FTG-3)
References: FTG-3
Price Information:
Price Notes Availability Deliverable Media Version Color
$10.00 Y CD/DVD Digital Scanned Color
$5.95 Y Paper-back book Paper Original Color