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Publication Id: V-25  
Publication Type: Volumes
Title: The Atlas of Major Appalachian Gas Plays
Author: J.B. Roen
Other Author(s): B.J. Walker, editors
Year: 1996
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Pages: 201
Plates: 2
Figures: 579
Tables: 77
 Description: Describes the 30 most significant natural gas plays in the Appalachian Basin grouped by geologic control: fluvial-deltaic sandstone, nearshore sandstone, shallow shelf sandstone, turbidite sandstone, transgressive sandstone, shallow marine shelf carbonate, reef and carbonate, unconformity-related, fractured anticlines and combination traps, and fractured reservoir plays. Each play description consists of narratives on play location, production history, stratigraphy, structure, reservoir, key fields, resources, reserves, and future trends. Illustrations for each play include a regional map showing the play outline and producing wells, key fields map, correlation chart, type logs, stratigraphic and structural cross sections, isopach & pay thickness maps, initial potential & cumulative production maps, decline curves, and depositional models. Each play has a 50-element data table for fields and pools mentioned in the description covering basic reservoir data, reservoir parameters, fluid and gas properties, and volumetric data. Includes comprehensive bibliography. See also V-25A (database)
Notes: Available scanned. See also V-25B (Book and database). See also the interactive maps created from figures digitized from this publication featured in the Appalachian Basin Tight Gas Plays IMS: The interactive map features scanned illustrations and digitized maps and cross sections for only 6 of the 30 plays outlined in this Volume. The 6 plays are: Berea, Venango, Bradford, Elk, Tuscarora and Clinton/Medina.
References: V-25A, V-25B
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