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Subsurface Brine Disposal

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PDF, 18.7MB - large!
Development of Subsurface Brine Disposal Framework in the Northern Appalachian Basin
A project funded by the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA). Battelle Memorial Institute contracted WVGES along with the Kentucky Geological Survey, NSI Technologies, Ohio Division of Geological Survey, Pennsylvania Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey, and Ohio Oil Gathering Corporation to conduct the study.
2015, 412 pages
The project information page has links to the fact sheet, final, and interim reports.

The objective of this 2.5-year project was to develop a geologic and operational framework for brine disposal in the Northern Appalachian Basin.

WVGES in Cooperation with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection

Mine Pools as Potential Water Supplies

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PDF, 13.7MB - large!
West Virginia Mine Pool Atlas
Jane S. McColloch (Principal Investigator),
Richard D. Binns, Jr., Bascombe M. Blake, Jr., Michael T. Clifford, and Sarah E. Gooding (Co-Investigators)
Inter-Agency Agreement Number 036, 172 pages, 110 figures, 8 tables, 4 appendices

This project was a two-year study to evaluate abandoned coal mines as potential groundwater sources.

WVGES in Cooperation with the West Virginia Division of Energy

Carbon Capture and Storage

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Research Support Program for the West Virginia Division of Energy; Final Report (Phase 2)
Douglas Patchen (Project Manager), Richard Bajura (Principal Investigator)
Tim Carr and Michael Hohn (Co-Investigators)
62 pages, 33 figures, 1 appendix

This report presents the findings of an assessment conducted on the potential location of a coal-to-liquids production plant or geologic storage of CO2 in deep saline aquifers in Devonian or Silurian sandstones in West Virginia.

Natural Gas Production, and a Statewide Digital Pipeline Map

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PDF, 290kB
Identifying Constraints on Increased Natural Gas Production in Southern West Virginia by Katharine Lee Avary
Creating a Statewide Digital Pipeline Map by Michael Clifford
13 pages

This map and report is an examination of geographic and temporal trends in gas production in West Virginia through the creation of a digital oil and gas pipeline map of West Virginia to show approximate gas transport capacity and distribution capability.

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