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Entrance Fold to the Smoke Holes
Westward View of Eagle Rock
Eagle Rock and Cave Mountain
Cave Mountain Gap; Diagram
Repeated Oriskany West of Eagle Rock
Internal Oriskany Hanging Wall Deformation
Alt Cabin Anticline; Diagram
Alt Cabin Anticline
Deformation Within a Fault Zone
Mapledale Hollow; Looking Northward; Diagram
Oriskany Klippe - South Mapledale
Oriskany Folding - North Mapledale
Northwest Limb "Peel-Down" of Mapledale Hollow
Block Diagram of Big Bend, Smoke Holes
Detailed Sketch at Fold Culmination
Northward View of Backthrust at Big Bend
Cave Mountain Overview; Northward View
Fold Culmination at Tuscarora Level
Macroscale Fold in Blue Rock Synclinal Complex
Blue Rock; Frontal View (Devonian-Silurian Carbonate)
Blue Rock; End View
Blue Rock Synclinal Drag; Oriskany to Left
Redman Run Anticline; Oriskany
Royal Glen Gorge; Looking Northeast; Diagram
Royal Glen Gorge; Thrusted Oriskany
Royal Glen Gorge; Westernmost Plunging Fold
North Fork Gap, North Side, New Creek Mountain; Diagram

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