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Although a state since 1863, West Virginia was actually millions of years in the making. The mineral wealth and natural beauty of West Virginia owe their origins to geologic processes that began eons ago. Without these geologic processes, there would be no rocks, rivers, minerals, or scenic beauty. Indeed, there would be no mountains in the Mountain State.

Showcasing the rich and varied story of West Virginia's geology is the mission of the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey's Museum of Geology and Natural History. Housed in the lobby of the Survey's headquarters on Cheat Lake, near Morgantown, the museum displays rock, mineral, and fossil specimens and offers an opportunity for visitors to sample the scope of West Virginia's vast natural heritage.

The Museum of Geology and Natural History was established for the collection, preparation, preservation, and exhibition of rock, mineral, and fossil specimens from all ages of West Virginia's geologic history. In addition to being a repository for all types of geologic specimens, the museum's ongoing collections also include historic books, maps, manuscripts, and artifacts.

The museum's main goal is to provide West Virginians and other visitors an opportunity to examine geologic specimens and explore the geologic processes responsible for West Virginia's outstanding scenery and great mineral wealth. The museum aims to give visitors an understanding of how its geology makes the Mountain State unique, and hopefully inspire visits to West Virginia's scenic treasures time and time again.


What's New at the Museum?:

Sample the WVGES museum by viewing photographs of selected specimens: Museum Highlights: WVGES Museum Displays Around the State:


Museum Curator: E. Ray Garton: Curator@PrehistoricPlanet.com

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