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Publication Id: MAP-WV42  
Publication Type: Maps
Title: Bedrock Geology of the Elkins Area, West Virginia: Elkins, Junior, Beverly East and Beverly West 7.5-minute Quadrangles
Author: B. L. Nugent
Other Author(s): E. Moser, R. J. Johnson, J. Q. Britton, J. S. Chapman, J. W. Perkins, G. W. Daft, Jr., D. Jones, J. M. Horner, Digital Cartography by S.E. Gooding
Year: 2021
Map Scale: 1:24,000
Map Size: 60"x 42" and 42”x 42”
Pages: 2
Counties: Barbour, Randolph
 Description: Full color map shows geology and structure, strike/dip. Second page includes text, legend, and cross sections.
Notes: Scans available on CD-ROM and files for GIS.
Price Information:
Price Notes Availability Deliverable Media Version Color
$10.00 Y CD/DVD Digital Original Color
$20.00 Y rolled maps Paper Original Color
$95.00 Y GIS Digital Original Color