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Publication Id: OF-1101  
Publication Type: Open-File Reports
Title: Bedrock Geologic Map of the Bluestone National Scenic River, Flat Top and Pipestem 7.5' Quadrangles, West Virginia
Author: David L. Matchen
Other Author(s): Joseph L. Allen, Robert C. Peck, David Mercier
Year: 2011
Map Scale: 1:24,000
Map Size: 75" x 36"
Maps: 1
Counties: Raleigh, Summers, Mercer
 Description: Full color. Shows geology and structure. Two-quadrangle map layout includes text, legend, cross section, and full color stratigraphic column.
Notes: Scan available and files for GIS.
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Price Notes Availability Deliverable Media Version Color
$10.00 Y Digital Format Digital Scanned Color
$20.00 Y rolled maps Paper Original Color
FREE Free download Y GIS Digital Scanned Color