Updated 5/14/2009

  DMT '09 has ended. We hope everyone had a great time in Morgantown!

May 10 - 13, 2009
Morgantown, West Virginia

The Workshop on Digital Mapping Techniques 2009 (DMT '09) is an invitation-only event designed to bring together scientists, cartographers, and GIS specialists, mostly at State and Federal agencies, who are using digital techniques to create and manage geologic maps. If you have not been invited but wish to attend, please contact us (Dave Soller: drsoller@usgs.gov).

This will be our thirteenth DMT meeting. Presentations regarding project, agency, and international map/database activities, and the full cycle of geologic map production work flow in agencies are welcomed. The focus of this meeting will remain consistent with the core issues addressed at previous DMT meetings, including but not limited to:

  • Cartographic techniques for creating paper and PDF-format geologic maps from field notes, manuscript maps, and map databases,
  • Information management and delivery (e.g., web-accessible databases, web feature services, . . .),
  • Design and implementation of individual and corporate geologic map databases
  • Migration of map data to new formats (for example, from Arc coverages to Arc 9.2 Geodatabase),
  • Preservation of unpublished scientific information,
  • The use of LIDAR for field work and map/database preparation,
  • 3-D databases and/or visualization techniques.

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