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On May 10-13, 2009, the AASG and the USGS will conduct the invitation-only "Workshop on Digital Mapping Techniques."

Hosted by the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey and the National Geologic Map Database Project, this important workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussion and sharing of information, expertise, and experience. The workshop will be most successful if attended by state survey and USGS employees who are responsible for digital mapping. If you are interested in attending but are not a member of a state geological survey or the USGS, please contact Dave Soller,

The meeting will be similar in format to our highly successful workshops from 1997-2008. This workshop will provide geologists, GIS specialists, digital cartographers, and managers with the opportunity to gain expertise and knowledge. Topics will focus on "grand overviews" of project, agency, and international map/database activities, and the full cycle of geologic map production work flow in agencies. In addition, presentations that focus on the core issues addressed at previous DMT meetings, including but not limited to:

Vendors will be invited to participate. The workshop goal is to help move the state surveys and the USGS toward development of more cost-effective, flexible, and useful systems for digital mapping and GIS analysis.

General questions about the meeting should be directed to:

Dave Soller
U.S. Geological Survey
Phone: (703) 648-6907
Fax: (703) 648-6977

If you have any questions about the conference site or facilities, please contact:

Jane McColloch
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
Phone: (304) 594-2331
Fax: (304) 594-2575

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