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Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia
Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia

Did You Know?

The West Virginia Broadband Map utilizes GIS to develop an easily read map that shows a comprehensive picture of existing broadband service and to identify areas in the state that still do not have that level of service.

GIS Policy Council

The West Virginia GIS Policy Council, created by Executive Order 4-93 and continued under Executive Order 10-10, oversees the development and implementation of West Virginia's GIS Program, in seeking to optimize the benefits of GIS technology for the state into the future. The Council is comprised of executive leaders from state departments, local government, and the GIS professional community. The Office of GIS Coordination, headed by the State GIS Coordinator, and the State GIS Steering Committee provide operational and technical support for the Council.

Contact: Tony Simental, WV State GIS Coordinator (304) 594-2331, Tony.A.Simental@wv.gov

Council Members:

J. Keith Burdette, Chair Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Commerce Michael Ed Hohn, PhD
Kay Goodwin Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts Tiffany Redman
Jason Pizatella Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Administration Cedric Greene
Randy C. Huffman Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Michael Shank
Karen L. Bowling Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources James Mitchell
Joe Thornton Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety Jennings Starcher
Jason C. Pizatella Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Revenue Jeff Amburgey
Paul A. Maddox, Jr. Cabinet Secretary West Virginia Department of Transportation Hussein Elkhansa
Gale Given Chief Technology Officer West Virginia Office of Technology  
Walt Helmick Commissioner West Virginia Department of Agriculture Matthew J. Blakwood
Natalie E. Tennent Secretary of State West Virginia Secretary of State's Office Beth Ann Surber
Glen B. Gainer III State Auditor West Virginia State Auditor's Office  Russell Rollyson
John Perduee State Treasurer West Virginia State Treasurer's Office Danny Ellis
Patricia Hamilton Executive Director West Virginia Association of Counties   
Lisa Dooley Executive Director West Virginia Municipal League Chris Fletcher
David Cole Executive Director Region I Planning & Development Council (rotating)  
Vivian Parsons Executive Director County Commissioner's Association of West Virginia  
Melissa Garretson Executive Director West Virginia Sheriff's Association  
Sherry L. Hayes Assessor Putnam County Association of West Virginia Assessors  
Non-voting Members        
Tony Simental State GIS Coordinator West Virginia Office of GIS Coordination  
Frank LaFone President West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals  
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