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DDS-5   WVGES Oil and Gas Well Data for West Virginia: April 2017. (First release 1/2005, updated annually) Data for more than 152,000 individual oil and gas wells. DVD contains data in two formats: both as comma-delimited ASCII text files (with data fields enclosed in double quotes) and also as a generic Microsoft ® Access database. Data types include: well locations, well owners/completions, pay/show/water intervals, stratigraphy, production reported since 1979, plugging, e-logs available at the Survey, and well samples and cores available at the Survey; record formats and a ReadMe file are provided in PDF format. Further information is available on the WVGES website: http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/www/news/ogdvd2.html

OF-1603   Bedrock Geology of the Kingwood, Terra Alta and Oakland (WV Portion) 7.5' Quadrangles, West Virginia: G. H. McColloch, J. S. McColloch, S.E. Gooding, Digital Cartography by S.E. Gooding, 2017, 32 p, 1 maps, 1:24,000, 65" x 42". Full-color map shows geology and structure. Map layout includes stratigraphic column, legend, and cross section. Text in booklet. Scan available on CD-ROM and files for GIS.

OF-1602   Bedrock Geologic Map of the Parsons and Southern Part of Saint George 7.5' Quadrangles, West Virginia: J.S. Chapman, J.W. Perkins, R.J. Johnson, J.Q. Britton, B. L. Nugent, G.W. Daft, Jr., Digital Cartography by S.E. Gooding, 2017, 1 maps, 1:24,000, 42" x 45". Full color map shows geology and structure, strike/dip. Map layout includes text, legend, and cross section. Scan available on CD-ROM and files for GIS.