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AR-2017   Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2017: 2017. A report containing operational and financial information submitted annually to the State Legislature; highlights current projects, staff, and new publications for the year. Limited availability; issues since 2003 can be viewed on our website http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/ under “Publications”. Link to 2017 Annual Report

DDS-5   WVGES Oil and Gas Well Data for West Virginia: April 2017. (First release 1/2005, updated annually) Data for more than 152,000 individual oil and gas wells. DVD contains data in two formats: both as comma-delimited ASCII text files (with data fields enclosed in double quotes) and also as a generic Microsoft ® Access database. Data types include: well locations, well owners/completions, pay/show/water intervals, stratigraphy, production reported since 1979, plugging, e-logs available at the Survey, and well samples and cores available at the Survey; record formats and a ReadMe file are provided in PDF format. Further information is available on the WVGES website: http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/www/news/ogdvd2.html

FTG-9   What the H!? Paleozoic Stratigraphy Exposed, Pre-Meeting Field Trip Guide for the 46th Annual Meeting, Eastern Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (ESAAPG), Morgantown, West Virginia, September 24 and 25, 2017: Paula J. Hunt, R.R. McDowell, B.M. Blake, Jr., J. Toro, and P.A. Dinterman, 2017, 99 p, 73 f. Regional Stratigraphy and Structure in the Central Appalachians from the Ordovician to the Pennsylvanian as seen in new outcrops along US 48 (“Corridor H”) and other locations. West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, Field Trip Guide describes 10 locations visited over the 2-day trip, as well as overviews of regional structure, stratigraphy, and economic resources. Bibliography, color maps, photographs.

OF-1602   Bedrock Geologic Map of the Parsons and Southern Part of Saint George 7.5' Quadrangles, West Virginia: J.S. Chapman, J.W. Perkins, R.J. Johnson, J.Q. Britton, B. L. Nugent, G.W. Daft, Jr., Digital Cartography by S.E. Gooding, 2017, 1 maps, 1:24,000, 42" x 45". Full color map shows geology and structure, strike/dip. Map layout includes text, legend, and cross section. Scan available on CD-ROM and files for GIS.

OF-1603   Bedrock Geology of the Kingwood, Terra Alta and Oakland (WV Portion) 7.5' Quadrangles, West Virginia: G. H. McColloch, J. S. McColloch, S.E. Gooding, Digital Cartography by S.E. Gooding, 2017, 32 p, 1 maps, 1:24,000, 65" x 42". Full-color map shows geology and structure. Map layout includes stratigraphic column, legend, and cross section. Text in booklet. Scan available on CD-ROM and files for GIS.