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This page provides links to two active mapping projects at the WVGES: STATEMAP and the Coalbed Mapping Project


The STATEMAP project creates new, detailed geologic maps for resource assessment, environmental studies, and land use determinations at a scale of 1:24,000. The 2016 STATEMAP fact sheet (PDF 542 KB) shows areas mapped under the STATEMAP program, benefits of the program to West Virginia, and a table of funding received from the U.S. Geological Survey as well as our matching funds. The image shown below supplements the map contained within the STATEMAP fact sheet by providing details specific to digitized map status. STATEMAP is a component of the National Cooperative Mapping Program.

Digitized Map Status, March 2017

Link to Extra Large Status Summary Map with Quadrangle Labels

Many of the STATEMAP maps, cross sections, and reports of investigation are available as
open files
. You can locate each quadrangle with our interactive topographic map index.

The overall Plan for Geologic Mapping in West Virginia (PDF iconPDF, 5.09 MB) is available for review.


2013-2014 - MARLINTON, WV - (McDowell, Hitzig, Hunt, Burns, and Smith)  NEW!
2012-2013 - MINNEHAHA SPRINGS & SUNRISE, WV - (McDowell, Hunt, Hitzig, Dinterman, Case, Sydney, and Burns)
2011-2012 - CLOVERLICK, WV - (McDowell, Hunt, Dinterman, Lewis, Wilson, Avary, Burns, and Smith)
2009-2010 - PADDY KNOB & MUSTOE, WV-VA - (McDowell, Hunt, Lewis, Wilson, Avary, Burns, and Smith)
2008-2009 - HIGHTOWN, WV-VA - (McDowell, Lewis, Avary, Britton, Hitzig, and Van Dyke)
2006-2007 - MILAM & COW KNOB, WV-VA - (McDowell, Avary, Lewis, Britton, Hunt, Waggy, and Ganak)
2005-2006 - MOZER, WV - (McDowell, Avary, Britton, Matchen, Waggy, Walkup, and Burns)
2004-2005 - FORT SEYBERT, WV - (McDowell, Avary, Britton, Matchen, Diecchio, Hicks, Walkup, Burns, and Waggy)
2003-2004 - FRANKLIN, WV - (McDowell, Avary, Matchen, Diecchio, Hicks, and Howton)
2002-2003 - CIRCLEVILLE & THORNWOOD, WV-VA - (McDowell, Avary, Matchen, Diecchio, Cole, and Gross)
2001-2002 - MOOREFIELD, WV - (Dean, B. Kulander, G. McColloch, J. McColloch, C. Kulander)
2001-2002 - SNOWY MOUNTAIN & SPRUCE KNOB, WV-VA - (McDowell, Avary, Matchen, Diecchio, McCoy, and Rutledge)
2000-2001 - BRANDYWINE, WV - (McDowell, Avary, Matchen, Diecchio, Dodge, and Hinkle)
1999-2000 - MOATSTOWN, WV - (McDowell, Avary, Matchen, Diecchio, Pierson, and Wilkes)
1998-1999 - SUGAR GROVE & DOE HILL, WV-VA - (McDowell, Avary, Matchen, and Cook)
1997-1998 - PALO ALTO, WV - (McDowell, Avary, and Matchen)

Coalbed Mapping Project

The Interactive Coal Bed GIS is a series of coal resource maps and GIS map layers, or coverages, for each minable or potentially minable bed in West Virginia.

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